Tuesday, 19 November 2013


You don’t pick up my calls,
You don’t reply my texts,
I admit I was wrong,
And I wanna work this out,
But all I get is silent Treatment,
Don’t you think you’re being juvenile?

I’ll understand if you asked for space,
Besides I’ve been an Ass,
And sometimes I think you deserve better,
So please let’s talk,
Then you can put me off if you wanna,
Just don’t be silent.

I’m just human, imperfect in every sense,
But that’s no excuse for the things I did to you,
I should have known better,
I should have made it easy for you to be in my life,
I’m here trynna make it work,
At least let me know that you got my voicemail.

I keep staring at our pictures,
I wanna make you smile again,
I re-read your DMs and Inboxes,
Your emails and texts,
Don’t you think I’ve learnt my lesson?
I’m at your door, let me in,
I just wanna talk.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing,
They say that you already replaced me,
Can’t a Nigga get a second chance?
Or was this planned before I messed up?
Ain’t it funny?
Who owes who a conversation?

How you gon’ be heartless?
Leaving me confused, do I really deserve that?
How you gon’ do me like that?
If my momma knew yo type she’d warn me about you,

I was a Fool for you, and you liked it,
Playin’ innocent yet youz Dr.Evil,
I’m a Fool coz of you, and you don’t care,
How could I not see this coming?



Introductions were in order,
Conversations were flirtatious,
A spark flamed up,
I couldn’t stop thinking of you,

Questions were answered,
Honesty displayed for the first time,
It was a dangerous thing to trust you,
But part of me wanted to be seen,

You said the right things,
You said them at the right time in the right way,
“I can do this” I told myself,
So I broke a vow to do No Strings Attached,

It started with a kiss and a tease,
You had courtesy, you said please,
You put my mind and body at Ease,
For your lovin’ I’d get down on my Knees,

The walls knew our secret,
The sheets burned in our passion,
The Neighbors got familiar when they saw me,
I couldn’t stop coming for more,

Don’t kiss, don’t tell,
The only rule in our game,
I kept to the rule you made,
Then why couldn’t I have you when I wanted you?

I guess I got a bit selfish,
It happens when you find something you like,
Good thing I don’t cling to things,
Besides there were bitches waiting in line,

I didn’t tell anybody,
No one knew that skins rubbed,
I was on my best behavior,
Treated you like a stranger on these streets,

Now part of me says STOP!
I just realized that I drowned in temptation,
I wanna stop playing under covers,

I wanna treat you like a stranger for real.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

No Strings Attached

Eyes locked in deep gaze,
Lips engaged in passionate Murmurs,
Your fingers burn on my skin,
My knees melt like butter,
I wanna feel like this each night,
I want some foreplay,
I want some spice,
I want a man treating my body right,
But i don't wanna keep you,
Can we do No Strings Attached?

I like how i feel when you peel off my dress,
And with your eyes you gently caress,
You nibble my ear then whisper my name,
Your voice filled with desire,
Sets me on fire,
How would i Not want to spread em legs?
You're good for my body,
Healthy for my soul,
But God Knows I don't wanna keep you.

We're busy Acting out our fantasies,
Phones off,
Bodies close,
Ass smacking,
Pussy Pounding,
I wonder who taught you how to make a woman wet,
Hickies on my neck,
On my back and on my chest,
But you ain't my man.

Now you can't stop calling,
For heaven's sake please stop texting,
I no longer want us sexting,
Could we please have a break?
It's never easy dealing with feelings,
It was never my intention to get you hooked,
I guess it's true what they say,
When the sex is good strings get attached,
I've been through this before,
I should have stopped when you started being protective.

It's evident that i left you hurt,
Is that why you treat me like dirt?
You know better than to run your mouth,
Stop talking about me,
I've heard the things you said,
You labeled me easy lay,
But when we analyze our arrangement,
It's pellucid clear that I'm the one who picked you up.

Keep on whining,
Go ahead and cry,
But you knew from the Start,
You were just entertainment,
No strings attached is a rule i live by,
For you i won't change,
Reminisce my kisses,
Play with yourself if you like,
Keep in mind that I'm never coming back,
I'm Busy getting Hickies on my thighs.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Highgrade Confessions: Badder Boy

Bad Man in the Streets,
This man's a Batman in my sheets,
Batman in my Dreams,
Yet unhealthy for me,
He's a dangerous Man,
A man with a gun is a dangerous man.

Dial up the Police,
I should have dialed up the police,
Instead i stay Put,
The man has a hold on me,
I'm addicted to this man,
Is it because I love playing with his biggest gun?

Every time we Kiss,
He fills me with desire,
And with his Touch,
He sets my body on fire,
He spreads me like a map,
And lets his fingers dance on my skin,
When he finds my spot,
Like an explorer he handles me,
It is a fact He bad,
But in bed this man be Badder!

Bad Man in the Streets,
Badder Boy in the Sheets,
It would be bad for me to miss,
His divine Blessings in the sheets,
He's my Kryptonite,
I like how he makes me weak,
If this is a crime,
Someone please Crucify me!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Highgrade Fantasies: The Description

Lips locking,
Fever rising,
Bodies locked in deep embrace,
Clothes off,
Lights Out,
So that bodies can hold a deep conversation.

Feeling nice,
How could they say sexin' you ain't right?
Deep groaning,
Soft Moans
There's so much fire between the sheets.

Full blown Ecstasy,
But we ain't poppin' pills,
I feel alive when we are busy lovin',
Scuba diver,
Lickin' sweets,
He comes up for air wetter than when he dived.

Ear nibbling,
Seductive whispers,
Hold me tighter in your caress,
Don't stop teasing,
Tell me how you need me,
Anything you ask for I'll say yes!

I'm Yours

Your lips,
Your eyes, Your sexy smile,
They have something in common,
They leave me breathless...

Your Kiss,
Your touch, Your tenderness,
They knock me off my feet,
You make me weak...

Your loving,
Your attention, Your time,
The most priceless you give to me,
I'm honored...

In my heart,
My thoughts and My Soul,
Is where you'll always be,
I'm yours...

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Come Back

I toss and turn,
It gets cold sometimes,
I lay my head down,
But I can't sleep at night,
I think it's amazing,
How you still got me feeling crazy,
Even when you're not in my arms,
You're the only thing on my mind,
Please hurry up darling,
Come Back to me.

Memories they taunt me,
Each time I close my eyes,
They keep me company,
So do the Pictures of you and I,
I think it's amazing,
How you electrify my body,
Each time I Reminisce your touch,
I need your loving tonight,
Please hurry up and come back to my loving arms.

Where are you darling?
Am I on your mind?
I hope you have something planned out,
You need to make things right,
I'm sure it'll be amazing,
Coz you know how to take care of your Lady,
I am waiting patiently for you daily,
Even though it gets lonely sometimes,
Hurry up and come back to me.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Yesterday when your eyes met mine,
I felt icy fingers running down my spine,
It was Unusual,
Very Unusual.

This ain't the first time,
My eyes had a feast on a good looking guy,
You're an Unusual attraction,
Far from the Usual.

Every night when I close my eyes,
I see pictures of you and I,
You give me Unusual sensations,
Very Unusual.

Sometimes I wonder why,
You came this late in my life,
I wanna feel Unusual each day,
Far from the Usual.

Every time when your eyes kiss mine,
Do you feel butterflies flutter inside?
Do you like my Unusual?
Is it far from the Usual?

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator,
Sexy Heart breaker,
Epitome of Danger,
I should stay away forever,
I can't resist your temptation,
I've been warned about you,
I wanna get next to you,
I guess I'm a fool.

Smooth Operator,
Sexy Heart breaker,
Epitome of Danger,
You got my attention,
It's a fact that Mary J Blige and I have something in common,
A sweet tooth for bad boys,
Unhealthy addiction,
I stand a fool,
For hoping that in your eyes,
Love will be more than fiction.

Smooth Operator,
Sexy Heart breaker,
Epitome of Danger,
I think I've lost my mind,
I care less what they say about you,
Or am I careless with my heart?
Smooth Operator,
Sexy Heart breaker,
Epitome of Danger,
I wanna drown in your charm.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

No One

No one to Kiss,
No one to Touch,
No one to Embrace,
No one,
No one to Fight,
No one to Spite,
No one to stay mad at,
No one!

Like a shadow in the dark,
You couldn't see her steal your heart,
But you instantly forgave her,
When you looked into her eyes,
Enchanting Sapphires they were,
Those eyes locked you in her spell,
You were her puppet,
She had you in her control,
Her wishes Became your desires,
She's cruel for using you like that,
I was there when she left you,
I understand how you feel now that she's gone,
You feel like there's No one.

No one to tease,
No one to please,
No one to caress,
No one,
No one to insult,
No one to betray,
No one to cheat,
No one,

Why do you feel hurt,
You know damn well that you weren't a saint,
When she was away you let your eyes wonder,
You let you fingers roam in a mindless design,
You never stopped them from undressing another,
You liked the way your fingers nipped another man's scented flowers,
You acted out your fantasies with another,
You should have thought about your lover,
Instead you replaced her image with the other,
Don't you remember how she turned you on when she licked her lips?
Remember  how she let you get in her sheets,
Remember how it felt when you parted em legs and took a dip,
You liked the way you left her whipped,
Then why act like you deserve someone loyal to you,
Does it surprise you that she could play your game,
I was there when you cheated,
So there's no one else to blame for the way you feel.

No One 

Teach Me

Teach me how to kiss your lips without getting electrified,
I want to stop my heart from feeling what i feel,
Every time our lips touch,
Your love is wicked,
I now understand Brick and Lace,
Because it baffles me how you can make one madly in love,
Yet remain the same,
Please tell me where to get a heart of stone,
Or teach me how to give cold kisses,
Teach me I beg,
Teach me!

Teach me how to anchor my body, mind and soul,
Like a pagan (bombarded with the word of God) to unbelief,
Coz i find it hard not to be swept off my feet,
When you tell me your sweet lies,
You know how to confuse a heart with your words,
You leave it stuck at a crossroads whereby,
I don't want to hate you,
And i don't want to love you,
So please teach me how to tell sweet lies,
Or get me a heart of stone,
Teach me I beg,
Teach me!

Teach me how to dress my voice,
With pitches that sound like music to the soul,
I want to arrest your attention,
Each time I curve your name in seductive whisper,
Teach me how to make time stand,
Every time i engage our souls in deep conversation when we kiss,
I want to give cold kisses,
I want to tell sweet lies,
Teach me the art of deception,
Or get me a heart of stone.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Pussy in your breath,
I could smell it in your breath,
I tasted it on my tongue,
When we locked lips in kiss last night,
I didn't want to say a word about it,
'Cause i didn't want a fight,
Fighting would put her pussy on your mind,
Her place would have been where you'd go to cool off,
And get some more of her pussy on your breath,
Instead i get mad at you for cheating,
And I'm mad at me for biting my tongue,
I know i look calm on the outside,
Best believe that I'm burning like hell inside,
Coz I'm asking myself questions,
And I'm tortured by no replies,
I'm like; "did he fuck her in the shower?"
"On our bed or in our car?"
"Did he fuck her on the couch?"
"Did she make the nigga howl?"
"Is her sex good enough to make the nigga replace me?"
"Does she do the things I do?"
"If she does, is she better?"
I can't believe a bitch got me Questioning,
Your female friend has me confused,
"Who's your main chick?"
"Who's your hoe?"
"Is she a role changer?"
"Is she the role stater?"
looking at how wild my thoughts are running,
I could be the hoe who's jealous of another hoe,
She's got my inner Bitch stirred up,
The bitch in me comes alive,
So i lay a strategy down,
Formulate a plan to keep you,
If i didn't love you like i do,
If you weren't special to me,
I wouldn't bother to keep you,
I'd have burned bridges and left,
So i promise to be on my best behavior,
But i'll make sure i out-freak her every night,
when we fight under covers,
And move the fight to the stairs,
All the way down to the Kitchen floor,
Set the house on fire,
Cause we burned the couch with our heated passion,
Leave marks of our love making everywhere,
So that when youz in the mood and am not around,
These marks spark memories,
Memories that make you yearn for my loving only,
Coz I'm the only one who knows how to handle your body,
Memories that make her existance fade,
Coz you got a good thing going on with me that you don't wanna ruin,
But this is wishful thinking,
I'm aware of that sweet tooth you have for pussy,
Right now I'm just that Naive bitch,
Who thinks i can use my pussy to make a Nigga behave,
So i torture myself with more questions,
I be like: "Why Am I still here?"
"The nigga treats you like a random chick,
Yet you still here",
"When you gon' realize that you don't need him?"
"Don't you think you deserve better?"
"Is it sex that's keeping you grounded?"
"Don't you know that you could find better?"
So i make up my mind to leave you,
Because my soul desires peace,
But when when am amoured with reasons,
As to why you'll see no more of me,
You suprise me with reasons,
Why i should get back right with you,
You be like: "I love and cherish each moment we spend,
Youz my lover,soul mate and best friend,
Youz the reason why each day in my life,
Is a sunny day..."
Nigga got me like: "Is he for real?"
"Is this Nigga gon' change?"
"Should i bring up the 'Pussy in your Breath' questions?"
"If i do will i sound insane?"
So here I am confused,
Torn between getting back tight with you,
And walking away,
Bombarded with questions that torture without end,
I have a feeling they won't stop,
When I'm with or without you,
Please give me a genuine answers that would put my questioning mind at rest.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Loise Lane

I've been checking you out,
I can tell that you've never noticed,
Otherwise you would have asked me out,
Trust me am worth your time,
I'd never turn you down,
It's been my dream to engage you in a conversation,
I must admit that you intrigue me.

I'd use the date to figure you out,
Find out what's your idea of funny,
I desire to hear your laugh,
That's how I'd check the temperature of your soul,
Because I'm afraid that I'd fall harder,
If I used the window to your soul,
Besides Men lie,
We've perfected the art of lying with a straight face.

If I don't make you laugh,
I'm OK with your sexy smile,
I'll just assume that youz mentally checking off your list,
Of requirements I need to be your chick,
But if that's not the case,
I hope it would be a sign for salvation,
Because I want to ease your frustration,
I can it's existence by your resistance,
You try your best to escape women,
Give me the chance to show you I'm different.

I'd like to know how she hurt you,
So that I know how to heal you,
It isn't fair that you always walk around with a bruised heart,
With a cracked soul and a false perception,
You should know that life is a cross to painful to bear,
It's the reason why Loise Lane was created,
Because Superman also needs saving.

It's a shame that we are in this situation,
Where I'm waiting for you to notice me checking you out,
I'm waiting for you to ask me out,
I'm ready for a conversation,
I have a plan to make you laugh,
I can't wait to see you smile,
When you realize that I'm your Loise Lane.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Heart of Stone (Tanya Stephens Inspired)

If i had one wish I would turn back the hands of time,
Or replace the sands of our time,
Just to love you better,
Cause experience has taught me what it means to love stronger,
But I have a feeling that this desire isn't Mutual,
I have a feeling you don't believe in love,
You never have,
You never will,
Your heart has grown cold,
Heart of stone.

You're a different kind of player,
The kind who makes a woman feel special,
Yet she's just a pit-stop to your final destination,
You use Women to practice,
It's now when i see that I was never your 'wifey',
You are a cruel soul,
Very rotten to the core,
You make hearts grow cold,
Heart of stone.

I thank God i saw through you,
I saw pain and misery,
I tried to see heaven in your eyes like i once did,
But i saw a heart the Devil is afraid to claim,
I'm a fool because i still desire to show you love,
When i know that I'll be on the loosing end,
My love is too weak to change you,
And your heart of stone.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Proudly Stoner (Legalize it!)

In politics you gotta have tricks up your sleeve,
It's the reason why we are always poly-tricked,
But we never realize it until we light a spliff,
That's when it hits you that the blunt ain't Free,
Then you wish a politician could use Legal Lies,
Just to make the Herb Legalized,
Pull a Kethi Kilonzo and make the Nation Realize,
The scandals involved to separate us from the Weed,
Damn! under the influence you see deep,
It's like the soul got a new pair of eyes,
And you can see the true beauty in her eyes,
Miss MaryJane's look tempts me,
I wanna go bad just to have her,
So i break the Law because i love her,
 Loving can't be wrong when i have her,
She's the kinda girl you take to Momma,
But youz afraid that Momma won't Understand her,
So you keep her as a secret,
Smoke her when no one's seeing,
Coz the System Forced you to give her "Mpango wa Kando" Lovin',
Yet she loves your soul unconditionally,
She's never turned me off she's a Stullah,
I don't mind spending gees on her,
She don't mind it when i share her,
She's a hoodrat who's got a PHD in thug lovin',
 She don't politic when she's burning,
But you notice her many tricks when she fuck with your mind,
I just judge her Quality by how she make me feel,
When it comes to her every Niccuh's emotional,
Our relationship should be a soapie,
Make the world understand her,
Set her free,
But this is just wishful thinking,
No niccuh went anywhere without a dream,
I'm on a Martin Luther kinda dream,
Hoping for the day my dear will be free at last!
And I'll walk with her everywhere i go,
 Take her out in front of the Police,
See her smile when i give her a kiss,
Turn each sad day into a sunny day,
Go down on one Knee and ask her to marry me,
Change my relationship status to Proudly Stoner,
Once the System Legalizes the weed.

DAMN! I need another Spliff.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It's A Cycle

I could feel his eyes caressing mine,
He was trying to connect with my soul,
The people around were oblivious of the chemistry happening,
They couldn't hear my heart beating but he could,
He sensed that i still had space in my wretched flesh,
Space that i was unaware of,
I looked away breaking contact,
But i could feel him asking why,
I didn't dare answer him,
My heart is none of his business,
I made a vow never to love again.

I made a vow to move on,
But my will to do so is weak,
My heart is still attached to the past,
It keeps pulling me back to my Ex,
He knows i'm weak,
It excites him,
He knows he can still get the Nookie without effort,
I yearn for his respect,
I want him to give me that special treatment he once gave me,
But i have to come to terms with my expiry date being overdue,
I'm scared of closing the door on my past,
When i do not know what the future holds,
It's amazing how just eye contact with this new guy evoked memories,
Scenes that are embedded with painful feelings,
I will never love again.

He calls out my name,
I can feel desire in his voice,
Desire my soul longs for,
But from the wrong man,
I'm afraid of giving in to him,
I'm afraid he might be like the other guy,
My heart has been hurt a million times,
What if he makes it grow cold this time?
Men are wicked,
I will never love again.

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year!

It's been a while since i wrote something here but i promise that will change this year!
i'm Glad that most of you have been liking my page on facebook and for those of you who aren't aware that an FB page Exists here's the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Walk-In-Liamas-Mind/276034572418154
I would love to interact with you this year and get inspired so please like the page,comment and let's make Liama think of something new this year!
I am not good at this so please forgive me for making this short, otherwise i wanna let you Know that I'll be waiting!

Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I'm in shackles and chains,
My limbs are bound,
I'm under heavy surveillance,
My Spirit is pinned to the ground,
I'm surrounded by grimy walls,
Prison Walls that still holds bones of it's former owner in chains,
Solitude is my cell mate,
Her and the lost souls on the walls keep me company,
They torture me without end.

I'm enveloped in darkness,
She is the strongest chain,
She is my Jailer,
The meanest among my fears,
These chains suck the strength i have left,
The cold walls freeze my faith,
Darkness smiles at me,
She's the reason why i sleep with my eyes wide.

In the opposite corner of this dungeon,
Rests a crack in the ceiling,
Streaks of light stream in but remains in one place,
Darkness parts for a moment,
Just to tease my blurry vision of light,
Then she covers my eyes,
And solitude laughs haughtily at me,
She mocks my thirst for light.

I yearn for that little ray of sunshine,
I thirst for it's delight,
I know not when i saw it,
For in here days are nights,
I pray to deaf gods for sunshine,
An ounce of happiness for a while,
The souls in this dungeon urge me to pray louder,
They say I'm a fool for wanting light.

I'm surrounded by sorrow,
Surrounded by pain,
Basking in the little ray of sun is but a dream,
It is something impossible in reality,
I try each day to reach for light,
Despite the doubt solitude speaks i try,
Instead i end up entertaining the demons in this cell,
Who jeer and mock and laugh at my attempts,
I know not my sins,
I know not my crime,
I know naught why i am a prisoner,
Denied the pleasure of light!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Saying good bye!

 I've never been the best student in my life,
It's the reason why i keep fucking up,
And i marked the day i met you on my calendar,
It was the most beautiful mistake i ever made,
You are the one thing i do not regret,
And i count the time i spent with you a blessing,
I must admit that loving you has taught me something,
And i now know for sure experience is the best teacher,
Because what i learned left me burning,
It left me hurt but i am still standing,
It left me with bitter-sweet memories,
Things i wish i could forget,
Because i think of you all the time,
Reminiscing has become my hobby,
The more the past replays itself the deeper i fall in love,
It feels more like a curse,
Because love to me is pure pain,
That's something that will never change,
Because i no longer have the heart to keep loving,
What's left in me is bruised flesh,
Loving you did this to me,
I no longer believe in promises,
I no longer make 'em,
You once promised me forever,
And i learned that forever has an end,
I refuse to be a fool,
I am Nobody's Bitch,
I am no longer your puppet,
I am breaking free!
I am saying good bye,
I hope this time it's forever,
I'm making peace with myself,
I'm taking back my dignity,
I loved you with heart and soul and body,
but it wasn't enough,
Neither was my time,desire and loyalty enough for you,
I was a fool,
I am still a fool,
Because i still pray for you,
Because i love you,
I thought time would heal me,
Time doesn't seem to be the best remedy for my kinda ache,
That's why i pray that my heart forgets you,
I am breaking free,
Saying good bye,
I hope life and love treats you well,
I hope you never love the way i loved you,
Because it's painful when the one you love walks away,
And it's a decision you must respect.
Good bye Darling!
I wish you well!


Friday, 27 July 2012

In Her Voice

Her pain was visible,
It's magnitude was deep,
Her sorrow was in the Air,
I was enveloped in it,
My heart understood her,
As if I'd felt the same way before,
Her emotions were felt when she spoke,
It was in her voice.

She spoke of someone dear,
Someone stolen by death,
I could feel the forever impact,
She was already missing her man,
My tears flowed freely,
Because i felt the same way before,
I was reminded how crushed he left me,
Just listening to her speak,

She prayed to God for strength to carry on,
She Wanted her heart healed,
The scar left in her heart was ugly,
All love scars are it seems,
I found myself praying,
I want to forget the past,
Coz it seems my heart is still crying,
Just like hers.

Things happen for a reason within a season,
That's what they always say,
But i wonder how long my heart will long for the same man,
It's driving me insane,
Every time i remember the day we split ways,
It feels like death took him,
Coz his love for me is dead,
I empathize with her,
I know how it feels to loose the one you love,
I see myself asking God to heal me,
Whenever i hear her speak.